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Name:Kitsunara Kally Ryllos
Birthdate:Sep 20
Kitsunara is for all purposes odd at times. The first noticeable features you see; She's rather short, standing around 5'1" at full height, she is easily lost in crowds or in dense areas. Her eyes are completely back (there is no white) except for her bright crystal green iris. Her ears are very expressive, usually perking up, drooping down or twitching as she talks or depending on her mood.

Her skin tone is light and fair with a sun peach tone, and her skin denotes of someone who doesn't adventure much, unblemished. Her hair is raven black, short - just above her shoulders though sometimes it grows unexpectedly longer when she shapeshifts. She usually has an eye covered by one of her bangs and the rest is usually tucked behind her ears.

As far as her body type goes, she has an ample bossom in relation to her stature. Wide hips and sensual curves frame this girl much like her mother and yet you can see the strong features of both her parents. However it's seldom seen, she prefers thick clothing and armor that hides her body frame unless she's feeling comfortable around her surroundings, in which case she's fairly carefree and happy. Usually dull or dark colors to avoid attention, thick armor or baggy clothing when in casual wear or something more free when in comfort and amongst friends or family.

Her demeanor is somewhat skittish, she seems shy and reserved usually sticking to herself except when in trusted company in which case she's always smiling and laughing and trying to keep moods up and high. You will usually find her reading, or drawing in her book,sometimes even lost in thought and oblivious to her surroundings as she seems to like daydreaming a good deal. However if approached she's friendly, if anything a bit awkward initially due to her shyness, but she's not afraid to gift a genuine smile. Should she laugh or open her mouth, you'll also notice larger, not by much, canines; elongated yet much thinner than usual feral canines.


Kitsunara is an OC (Original Character) that is played in the Warcraft Universe as an AU (Alternate Universe) of sorts so some particular aspects of her character can sometimes seem odd. She's a half-demon/half-elf and her demonic heritage is from one of the many races that the Burning Legion has assimilated yet 'not disclosed in the game'. IE: An OC race.

Her heritage is muddled in mystery and only a skilled scryer can decipher exactly what she would be.
Kitsunara is a Druid, more specifically a Restoration Druid and her specialties are mostly defensive and healing. This is also altered by her heritage and as such she's more of a low key shapeshifter with altered forms of nature.

How her shifted forms differ;
Her 'tank' form is a large Worg, black as night with green accents.
Her 'agile' form is a black fox, it seems to be enveloped in shadows but the eyes are bright green.
Her 'swim' form is a small black dolphin-like creature.
Her 'travel' form is larger black panther.
Her 'flight' form is a larger sprite darter.
Her 'tree' form is a tropical lasher plant in full bloom.

These are just notes, for a more extensive history/explanation of Kitsunara, please refer to the main journal! Thank you!
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